Mart Visser

Collection Art Mart Visser I As long as Mart Visser could hold a pencil or a brush, he draws and paints heads. Facial expressions in all its forms are what fascinate him. The power within a personality is what gives it expression on canvas. Mart Visser is inspired by people he meets along his journey in life and he uses his intuition and free spirit to transfer the encounter on paper and canvas. unaware of the outcome when he begins to draw.

Mart Visser had his education at the Hoge School in Amsterdam, The Amsterdam Fashion Academy (formerly known as Charles Montaigne) and the Saga International Design Centre in Copenhagen. His work as a couturier and fashion designer is about dressing individual women. The power and strength of his works lies in the personal attention he is able to give to each and every woman who wears his creations. He expresses and translates his intuitive idea for her in a three dimensional creation; Structure, texture and technique enhance his designs. His art works are created the same way, every work is a personal reflection of the way Mart Visser looks at people, each work with its own texture and mix of techniques and media.

Portraits in the rough and abstract design in paint seem to be in contrast with his modernist and delicate design he uses in his Haute Couture. The color palette and dynamic range of materials he mixes are the only overlap with his couture. Midnight blue, shades of black and grey, dark orange and a range of grey-green and sand colors are often seen in his fabrics but they transform beautifully on paper and canvas as well. And if you take a closer look you see a consisting cogency that is combined and mixed by the mind of a creator who has an eye for the individual and an oversight for context that brings fashion and art together in a personal creation in paint.
Collection Art Mart Visser III
“For a while I titled each and every art work I created, but I found that to be too demanding. My interpretation is that art is what you make of it, I find it much more interesting to see what the observer sees and how he interpreters the work”

Next to being an artist and a designer Mart Visser was invited to be a curator for the 2011 installation show at De Nieuwe kerk in Amsterdam. His eye for curating is fed by his own personal art collection which consists mostly portraits; classical pieces from the fourteenth century, modern paintings and contemporary photography. “As a spectator you surround yourself with the silent energy that radiates from a canvas or photo, you become one for a moment, this magical moment I also use as inspiration to make my art works the way I do; wrinkles, contours, imprint on the surface, that is what makes a face interesting”.
Mart Visser was honored by the Gemeente Museum in the Hague in 2003 with a solo show. In 2012 an overview of his haute couture was published in a book called Mart Visser and in 2014 he will have a solo show in The Vander Togt Museum in Amstelveen.

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